“Healing” Relaxation Division

Beaver Group aims to pursue “Healing” through the development of a comprehensive relaxation facility.

Among today’s increasingly stressed society, many people are seeking health and healing.
There is a constant need for relaxation facilities to heal the mind and body.
Our company was the first to open quick-massage services in Japan’s business district, which are now commonplace.
By utilizing the know-how obtained from the operation of our quick-massage business, our Relaxation Division is expanding its business of Salon style services - the total body care, reflexology, footcare and Thai style massage. We aim to develop a comprehensive relaxation business, which includes the current beauty treatment salons in the Bathhouse area.
We are also keen to train and educate excellent staff and has established the beauty technical school “ORA ? OZ Refresh Academy”, putting in effort to expand its industry. We have opened the beauty treatment salon “Sympathique” in “Shioashiya Onsen SPA Suishun” in Ashiya, 2014.


» Please refer to the follows for the property recruitment of Relaxation Division.