“Play” Amusement Division

It’s a large entertainment world.Choose whatever and whenever you want to play.

Our facility “Bb” provides that you can play as much as you can for 15 minutes with 100 yen (tax excluded). You can choose and play any game from more than 100 kinds. Adding this amusement facility, in the concept of “Play”, ”Eat”, ”Healing” and “Health”, we have created comprehensive amusement zone including foods, Karaoke, comic & internet Cafe and Bathhouse. This is the “Beaver World”. You can stay a whole day enjoying yourself.

The list of operating shops

【 Amusement Times Square Bb 】

» 南草津店




» 箕面船場店


大阪府箕面市船場東3-13-11 ビーバーワールド箕面船場店1F



» Please refer to the follows for the property recruitment of Amusement Division.