Bathhouse Division

We produce the ultimate healing and relaxed space which is centered around Bathhouses, utilizing know-how based on our long-term business operations.

‘Super Sento” is a traditional favorite Bathhouse facility. As the Healthcare Industry is booming further with the ageing society, we expect that this market will grow depending on various business style. Our Bathhouse Division started its initial business as “Mino Yumoto Suisyun”in Mino, Hyogo. It has been a popular staying facility established with an amusement facility “Bb” based on the themes “Healing” “Play” and “Health”. “Higashikori Yumoto Suisyun” was opened in Neyagawa, Osaka, followed by “Kashima Yumoto Suisyun” in Kumamoto and “Kusatsu Yumoto Suisyun”.
In 2014,“Shioashiya Onsen Spa Suisyun” was opened in Ashiya, Hyogo and also “Tsurumiryokuchi Yumoto Suisyun” was opened as an annex with a Fitness facility was opened.

Collaboration of Bathhouse and Fitness business was realized.

Beaver Record Co., Ltd. acts as a Healthcare Promoting business through collaboration with its Bathhouse business and Fitness business with themes “Healing” and “Health”.
Both the first facility of this collaboration, “Kashima Yumoto Suisyun & B-fit Sport Club” and the second “Tusrumiryokuchi Yumoto Suisyun & B-fit Sports Club” are very popular.

The list of operating shops

» Mino Yumoto Suisyun


箕面市船場東 3-13-11 ビーバーワールド箕面船場店2F


» Higashikohri Yumoto Suisyun




» Kusatsu Yumoto Suisyun


滋賀県草津市新浜町300番地 イオンモール草津スポーツ&レジャー棟


» Kashima Yumoto Suisyun


熊本県上益城郡嘉島町大字上島字長池2232 イオンモール熊本内


» Shioashiya Onsen SPA Suisyun




» Tsurumi Yumoto Suisyun



TEL. 06-4257-1126


» Suishun total site as follows